With the festive period in full swing, One You Plymouth is encouraging people in Plymouth to consider taking part in Dry January to get amazing benefits like a better night’s sleep, more energy, a calmer mind, and a fuller wallet, as well as finding ways to drink more healthily year-round.

One in 5 adults (about 10 million people) in England regularly drink at levels that significantly increase their risk of harm, at more than 14 units per week (that’s about six pints of normal strength beer or lager, or a bottle and a half of wine, per week). So, for many of us, January can provide a perfect opportunity for a reset.

Research shows that those who take part in Dry January by downloading the Alcohol Change UK’s free app, Try Dry, or by signing up for its coaching emails are twice as likely to have a completely alcohol-free month, compared to those who try to avoid alcohol in January on their own, and have significantly improved wellbeing and healthier drinking six months later.

Taking a break from drinking has been proven to do you good on the inside too, with research showing that a month off alcohol leads to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes risk, as well as lower cancer-related proteins in the blood.

Dr Richard Piper, CEO of Alcohol Change UK, said:

“Many people feel they could do with taking a break from drinking once the festive period is over. Whether it’s to help you feel healthier, boost your mood, improve your sleep, or to reset your drinking long-term, why not give Dry January a go?”

As well as bringing lots of health benefits, Dry January teaches you some brilliant new skills for relaxing and having fun without alcohol which you can carry through to February and beyond – whether that’s going out, being with friends, or coming home from work on a Friday night.

Download the free app, Try Dry, to take part in Dry January and enjoy all the benefits that it can bring. The app allows you to track your units, calories and money saved from not drinking, plus set personalised goals and earn badges all year-round. And remember, taking part in Dry January is proven to help you have a better experience and double your chances of success, compared to just trying to stay dry on your own during the month.