Are you’re aged between 40 and 74 years old inclusive and haven’t had a Health Check in the past 5 years? Why not contact the team today to arrange your free 40 minute NHS Health Check?

We will be able to check your blood pressure, cholesterol and body mass index (BMI) and can offer advice and support on the steps you can take to improve your health and feel better for longer.

Through simple lifestyle changes, such as diet and physical
activity, you can lower your risk of developing serious health



Where to Get Your NHS Health Check


If you are eligible and haven’t had a health check in the past 5 years, we run Health Check clinics in various locations across Plymouth.

Call our Wellbeing Team on 01752 437177 for more information and to book an appointment.

This is a great opportunity to find out early if you are at risk of a stroke, diabetes, a heart attack, or many other life-threatening conditions. By finding out early, before serious damage is done, you could potentially make lifestyle changes that would massively reduce, your risk of developing a disability or dying early as a result of these conditions

Take action now and enjoy a healthier life for longer

Here is what one of our participants had to say:

“Sarah did all the checks and was concerned after performing my blood pressure (which she double checked). I was shocked that it was high, I’ve never had a high blood pressure reading before. I keep fit 4 – 5 times a week, don’t drink much alcohol and my diet is great. Sarah asked me some lifestyle questions and put it down to how much caffeine I was drinking. I was drinking 9 cups of coffee or tea every day which is way too much. I’ve since switched to de-caff options and cut down on the amount of cups I drink. I brought a blood pressure monitor to use at home and my blood pressure has gone down since cutting down on caffeine.
I’m so glad I had the health check. Before the check, I was happily going along not thinking I had any health issues while my blood pressure was slowly creeping up. Even if you feel fit and healthy, I would highly recommend having a health check.”

Three ways to check your health

Heart Age

The Heart Age Test tells you your heart age compared to your real age, explains why it’s important to know your blood pressure and cholesterol numbers and gives advice on how to reduce your heart age.

How Are You Quiz

Take our free One You How Are You Quiz see how you score and start the fight back to a healthier you.

Are you at risk?

Finding out your risk of Type 2 diabetes only takes a few minutes. It could be the most important thing you do today. Before you start, grab a tape measure and scales…

Book your Appointment

We have a number of clinics across the city, running 6 days a week including Saturday and Wednesday evening, that you can attend for your free NHS Health Check.

Please contact the team to book your appointment.

Three tools to improve your health

Couch to 5K app

It’s time to get off the couch and start running with the One You Couch to 5K app. Presented in association with BBC Get Inspired, the app builds you up gradually with a mix of running and walking from couch potato, to 5k hero in just 9 weeks.

Available on iOS and Android devices.

Drink free days app

Drink Free Days is a simple and easy way to track the days you drink alcohol and the days you don’t. Feel healthier, lose weight and save money – simply nominate days to take off drinking and get practical, daily support to help you stick to it.

Available on iOS and Android devices.

Health Unlocked

Health Unlocked are the world’s largest social network for health, with 1 million members across the globe, connecting people with the same health conditions, where you can share experiences and get answers to questions about your chronic conditions and wellbeing needs – empowering people with knowledge for enhanced self-care.

Three Month Challange

During this three-month challenge, The Herald looked closely at how Brian, David, Jess and Ash changed their lifestyles by eating healthily, exercising more, visiting inspiring classes, gathering advice from professionals and using technology to guide them along their journey.