You can get specialist, personalised help from our health advisers over the phone and face to face at one of the clinics below. 

Please note: You will need to book an appointment for both our telephone and face to face clinics. 


Please call us on the number below to set up support

01752 437177


We have two face to face clinics:


One You at the Lodge in Mount Gould

The Cumberland Centre in Devonport

Please refer to the maps below for the exact location. 

The Lodge

Cumberland Centre

Current research suggests that smokers are approximately 2.5 times as likely to need treatment in an ICU or to die from COVID-19.


  • Smoking damages the lungs and weakens your immune system. This makes it more likely smokers will get complications and take longer to recover from an illness.
  • Secondhand smoke in the home and in other enclosed spaces also poses a risk. Children and those with existing health conditions are particularly at risk and smokers should take every effort to protect them from exposure.
  • Smokers are also much more likely to get other health problems at a time when the NHS is under strain from COVID-19.

One You Plymouth practitioners provide the support needed to enable you to stop smoking and will be able to continue to offer support until you feel completely confident to remain smoke free. Remember, you are four times more likely to quit for good with support.

There are a number of ways we can support you as you become Smoke Free including Nicotine Replacement Therapy which is available on prescription and these medications will be discussed with you on your first appointment along with the other options.

If you would like to be seen with another family member or a friend this can easily be arranged.

Home visits are available for pregnant smokers living in Plymouth.


“I’m a non-smoker now and I’m never going back.”


“It was someone to talk to, give guidance and keep you going, made you want to carry on another week.”


“Having those weekly appointments really helped, having that support network is very important. Julie was there for me every week and saw me through to the end.”


“Lisa was amazing and always called me when she said she would. She kept reminding me about the things I’d be able to afford when I quit and I found this really motivating.”


“The weekly phone calls really helped, Julie was very friendly and encouraging…even when I slipped up she was not judgemental”.


“I don’t think about cigarettes anymore. I feel like I have so much more energy now. I go for three running sessions a week.”


‘’ I have to say that finally, I have had a dietary revelation after 40+ years of searching. Something actually resonates with me and I finally ‘get it’. !!!! I am referring to session four and the:

  • Plate / clockface analogy
  • The serving sizes using a hand
  • The food diary showing the servings per day showing the coloured balls representing servings of each food group”

“I feel like I now understand what makes up a healthy balance diet in terms of serving sizes and number of servings per day!!!”

“I am finding the emotional eating, healthy eating, plate and serving guides really interesting and relevant.  I really feel that I am being properly educated and informed.  I look forward to putting what I learn into practice.”

“I’ve changed how I plan meals, what I eat and also have increased the amount of exercise I do. I have become more aware of if I am eating because I need food, or if it is because I am sad /angry / happy etc.”

“It has been a positive for me, as part of my learning I can watch it again and again. You have done a great job with the programme to enable us to continue on our journeys.” 

Read more Real Life Success Stories


Read about the experiences, tips, and advice from former smokers. They can help you understand what to expect and how to be successful when you stop.

Stop Smoking Success Stories

Download the free NHS Quit Smoking app


Use the NHS Quit Smoking app to help you quit smoking and start breathing easier.

The app allows you to:

  • track your progress
  • see how much you're saving
  • get daily support

If you can make it to 28 days smoke-free, you're 5 times more likely to quit for good!

Useful Resources

Three reasons to quit smoking


Quitting dramatically increases your chances of living a longer life. It takes just 20 minutes for your body to start healing once you quit smoking, starting to repair the damage done by all those years smoking.


Quitting smoking will not only help reduce the health risks to your family from secondary smoke but can also help encourage your loved ones to stop smoking too.


Being Smoke Free not only improves your health but will improve your bank balance too. On average, stopping smoking 20 cigarettes a day will help you save around £70 a week.

Book Your Appointment

We have a number of appointments across the city, running 6 days a week including Saturday and Wednesday evening, that you can attend for your free Stop Smoking appointment.

Three tools to help you stop smoking

SmokeFree App

The Smokefree app can help you stop smoking by providing daily support and motivation. If you stay smokefree for the 4-week programme you're up to 5 times more likely to quit for good.

Available on iOS and Android devices.


My Possible Self

My Possible Self: The Mental Health App uses clinically proven content to reduce stress, improve anxiety and low mood in 8 weeks

The One You Personal Quit Plan

You're more likely to stop smoking with the right support – so find out the combination that's right for you in just 3 easy steps.

Featured case study

Were you one of the thousands of people across Plymouth who took part in National No Smoking Day and our Stop Smoking service?

Would you like to help inspire others to take the first step to quitting smoking?