Kira’s Smokefree Success Story

by | November 12th 2023 | News

Kira was referred to our stop smoking services by her midwife. Knowing the harms smoking can cause in pregnancy, she was determined to quit her 15 – 25 a day smoking habit.

Kira successfully became smokefree with the support of One You Plymouth NHS Health Improvement practitioner, Lisa: “Lisa was encouraging and understanding. Her calls really helped me, I knew that if I needed anything or had any questions, I could speak to her about it.”

Lisa talked through all the nicotine replacement products available so that Kira could make an informed decision of which ones she would like to try. Kira decided she wanted to give vaping a go. Lisa organised a free vaping kit to be sent to Kira’s address which consisted of a vape and a month’s supply of vaping fluids. Kira said: “Vaping really works. As soon as my vaping kit arrived in the post three days after my call with Lisa, I immediately cut down to only two cigarettes a day, then nothing at all.”

Kira loved how vaping didn’t leave behind the stale smell and taste associated with cigarettes: “I really liked the flavour, my favourite is the Blueberry Ice liquid.”

Above all, vaping helped suppress the cravings: “The minute I started vaping I did not get any cravings for cigarettes at all. I know I will never smoke again because I’ve got my vape.”

Kira found that there are other benefits to becoming smokefree: “I’m saving between £30 – £40 a week by not smoking. This is great as I’ll have more money for the baby.”

Lisa said: “Kira wasn’t aware initially that her midwife had referred her but did engage with me for support to stop smoking as she was pregnant.   It took a little while to get the right flavour and strength for her vape – pregnancy can heighten senses but we got it right in the end and this combined with a patch made it a lot easier than Kira had thought.  She became smokefree and engaged with all of our telephone calls.  She has done the single best thing she can for her and her baby.  I wish her well.”

If you would like advice and support to quit smoking like Kira you can contact the One You Plymouth team today and we can help you take the first steps to become smokefree! Call our friendly team on 01752 437 177 or send us an email at [email protected].