Sam, 45,  started smoking when he was 12 years old and before he became smoke-free he smoked between 15 – 20 cigarettes a day.

Sam said that he has always been concerned about his health and has wanted to give up smoking for a long time. Finally, he built up enough confidence to give it a go and he got in contact with One You Plymouth.

Sam was promptly put in contact with Tracey, one of our Health Improvement Practitioners. They discussed the various nicotine replacement products available, and he decided to quit smoking using nicotine patches and a vape.

Sam enjoyed the social aspect of vaping. “Most people smoke at work, but I can still join them in the smoking room at break times and socialise, and vape instead of smoking.”

Sam said that this quit attempt was the easiest thanks to the vape. He didn’t feel like he was giving up anything, but rather a meaningful exchange that he enjoyed. In addition, just knowing that the vape was there if he needed it gave him the confidence to overcome any cravings. He also commented that the patches took the edge off the cravings too. “When I wore the patches, I did not get any cravings, it was only when I took them off that I would want a cigarette, so they are effective.”

Sam enjoys photography, but told me that the hill climbs were challenging before he became smoke-free due to breathlessness: “Every time I walked up a hill, I would have to stop about 10 times! I can now walk up the hills and only be out of breath at the very top. Being able to breathe properly is great. I enjoy being active now but before I would think to myself, I can’t do that, it will kill me!”

Sam found his weekly phone calls from Tracey helpful. “Tracey was supportive. She would always say well done, you’re doing well. This was motivating.”

Sam also found the Smokefree app a major source of motivation: “Every day I would get a ping at 5 pm saying that’s another day of being smoke-free, you’ve done it! That was brilliant.”

Sam’s advice to anyone who wants to give quitting a go is to “keep busy and just go for it.”