Real life stories from people like you, talking about their quitting journey. 

You are not alone. You can learn a lot from others who have quit smoking.  Think about the ways these former smokers were able to stay smokefree. They might give you valuable tips to include in your quit plan.

Your Success Stories

"Accept as much of the support as possible. Quit as soon as possible, take control and own it."

After suffering a major heart attach John knew it was time to quit and here’s how he successfully become smoke free.

"I was all the more determined to remain smoke free after seeing my baby on the scan."

When Heidi saw her baby on the ultrasound she knew she would never smoke again.

“I’m a non-smoker now and I’m never going back.”


As Tristan was becoming increasingly breathless he knew it was time to stop.

"I used distraction techniques like colouring and gardening to help me quit"

Sarah was pregnant when she quit smoking through our Swap to Stop Programme. A firm believer in distraction techniques to help ward off cravings.


“Think about the money you will save, it is a lot of money."

 Rhian was delighted at how much more disposable income she had after quitting.  She felt guilty about how much more she could have bought for her children if she wasn’t buying tobacco.


"I feel like I have so much more energy now. I go for three running sessions a week."

Nick was determined to be as healthy as he could be for his new daughter. Now that he has become smoke free he feels energized with no more coughing and breathlessness.

“I am significantly less breathless and can cycle further without stopping to catch my breath."

Darren feels so much fitter now that he has become smoke free and loves that his sense of taste and smell have returned once again.


"Whenever I felt like having a cigarette I would read to my child. We both loved it"

Kirsty successfully become smokefree with the aid of Champix. She used enjoyable distraction techniques to jolt her mindset whenever she craved a cigarette.

“Wherever I went I felt like I stank of cigarette smoke!”

Being the only smoker in her family and place of work, Nicola became increasingly self-conscious about the lingering smell of cigarette smoke that clung to her.

"Quitting has increased my health…my life…. everything.”

Mike successfully quit smoking through our Swap-to-Stop vaping programme, and he received 12 weeks supply of vapes and vaping fluids to help him on his quit journey.

"I don't want smoke around my child"

Matthew and Ria are an excellent example of how couples can support each other to become smokefree, especially with the motivation of a new baby on the way!

"Vaping is so much safer than smoking, it’s worth giving it a try.”

Paul Carder quit his 10 a day smoking habit by making the switch to vaping.

If you’ve been thinking about making the switch to vaping but you’re not sure it’s for you, then let Paul’s vaping success story reassure you.

"Vaping really helped me deal with the cravings"

When Jessica found out she was pregnant she knew she had to stop smoking.

She quit smoking through our Swap-to-Stop in Pregnancy vaping programme, and  received 12 weeks supply of vapes and vaping fluids to help her on his quit journey.

"I can’t believe how easy it was to give up after smoking for so many years"

After only three days of being smokefree, he found his cough had completely disappeared! With his breathlessness and coughing completely gone, he can take long walks again.

"Those that quit together help each other"

Di, Deb, Steph and Vicky are all members of one family. They decided to quit together and, as a result, have never been healthier and wealthier.