With help from one of our NHS practitioners Kim, Nicola has recently been able to quit smoking through our smoking cessation service, and we’re incredibly proud to share her story with you.

Why I Quit

Nicola started smoking when she was 13 years old and before she became smokefree she was smoking around 10 cigarettes per day. After receiving the news of her partner’s sister contracting emphysema and how badly she suffered from the condition, Nicola was afraid of the same happening to her due to the smoking.

In addition, she felt self-conscious about the smell: “Wherever I went I felt like I stank of cigarette smoke”. Nobody else in her family or place of work smoked and her partner really disliked it. “He really hated the smell and would often refuse to kiss me”.

I Quit using Champix

Nicola quit smoking with the aid of Champix. Fortunately, she did not experience any of the side affects of taking Champix and it really helped curb her cravings. “I did not crave cigarettes anymore once I started taking Champix”.

Kim’s Support really helped me

“Kim was really supportive over the phone”. She found she gained a lot from the weekly phone calls, they helped keep her motivated. “It really helped knowing there was always a follow up phone call, this gave me a lot of confidence as I was never left without support.”

Distraction was also valuable tool for her during her quit, “I always used to have a cigarette when walking the dog. To help break the habit I would take an orange with me and eat that instead of smoking.”