Mike successfully quit smoking through our Swap-to-Stop vaping programme, and he received 12 weeks supply of vapes and vaping fluids to help him on his quit journey.

Mike, who is 61 years old, started smoking when he was 30 and smoked between 20 – 40 cigarettes, per day.

Mike stopped smoking due to a promise he made to his husband who passed away with cancer. “Before he died, I promised him I would quit smoking. I’ve kept my promise and it’s the biggest thing he could have ever done for me. Quitting has increased my health…my life…. everything.”

Money spent on cigarettes can really add up and Mike was absolutely thrilled to see his bank balance swell: “I saved so much money, it’s incredible! I am still vaping, but it only costs a fraction of the price of cigarettes.”

Mike said he really enjoys vaping, especially because it gives him that hand to mouth movement that he missed after quitting. “They really help with the cravings. Whenever I craved a cigarette, I would reach for my vape and the cravings went away. I also really like the taste of it too. My favourite flavours are sweet strawberry, lime, fruit twist. They’re so pleasing.” He has slowly reduced the nicotine levels of the vaping fluids over time, and he is now on the lowest level of nicotine.

Mike’s advice to anyone thinking of becoming smoke free is “Don’t go into it half-heartedly. Know your trigger areas, like going to the pub, and avoid them. Try not to be around people who smoke for the first 6 weeks after giving up. If someone offers you a cigarette, say “No thank you I am a non-smoker. Don’t say I’m trying to stop; say you are a non-smoker. It reinforces the idea in your head, and it feels so good to say it. Also, do not have any smoking materials in the house, including the lighter and ashtray…the site of them can be a reminder.”

Mike has been smokefree for 3 months now and he feels really confident that he will stay that way permanently. “I recently found a 50g pouch of tobacco, I was tempted but stayed strong and got rid of it. “

He found the support he received from One You Plymouth to be invaluable. “I am deeply grateful to Lydia and her fantastic service. Her calls were really supportive. It’s so motivating to know there was someone out there willing me on to quit smoking and if I needed to talk, I knew I could phone her.”

If you would like advice and support to quit smoking like Sarah you can contact the One You Plymouth team today and we can help you take the first steps to become smoke free. Call 01752 437177 or email [email protected].