These lighter dishes skimp on calories, not holiday spirit.

From Christmas dinner to Christmas pudding, we have enough recipes so you can plan a satisfying low-calorie meal from start to finish. Just as good as their full-fat counterparts, so you can feel good about eating them, in moderate portions of course!

low fat christmas dinner


You needn’t sacrifice the traditional favourites such as turkey and stuffing for a healthy Christmas dinner menu.

We have loads of healthy recipes, tips and tricks that will help you to keep your Christmas menu both healthy and delicious!

low fat christmas cake recipe


Something special to enjoy this festive season! 

This delicious, moist cake has all the rich flavour of Christmas but without the fat or added sugar.



Low Fat christmas pudding


Make your Christmas spread a little bit healthier by trying this diet Christmas Pudding recipe.

You won’t have to miss out or worry about what’s in them, especially because you’ve made them yourself and can enjoy them guilt-free!

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Our Delicious, Healthy Vegetarian Option

Veggie Cracker

This is a tasty and attractive vegetarian option for Christmas dinner or other special meals.