Kick Start You Health This Summer

The last 18 months have been incredibly challenging and understandably, unhealthy habits have been creeping up on us all. As a result, lockdown has left many of us carrying some extra weight.

But the summer is an ideal time for us to start looking after ourselves more and reprioritising our health. The creative is intended to
depict relatable people, getting stuck in and giving healthy eating and being more active a go.

The latest Better Health campaign, includes the updated NHS Weight Loss Plan, an app designed to help you develop healthier eating habits, be more active, and start losing weight with an easy-to-follow NHS 12 week diet and physical activity plan.

Lose Weight

Making small, simple changes can really help you shed those pounds. Losing weight is not about getting it right –  it’s about getting started.

If you’re overweight, losing weight has many health benefits.

Making small, simple changes to what and how much you are eating and drinking can really help you lose the pounds.

Get Active

No matter how much you do, physical activity is good for your body and mind. Adults should aim to be active every day. Some is good – more is better still.

A daily brisk walk can boost your energy, lift your mood and make everyday activities easier.

Try these tools, tips and special offers to move more every day.