Anne has lost a stone in weight since completing our free 12-week ‘Wellness and Weight Loss Programme’. She now feels in control of her weight and on her way to achieving life-long success. What is so inspiring is that the changes were not always huge, but the difference each has made to her life certainly is.

Anne liked the individual, personal feel of the course, and that it looked at the whole person, not just their weight which allowed her to improve her physical and psychological wellbeing in a nurturing environment:

“The information was very handy with some great tips and new ideas. I found the session on ‘Mindful Eating’ particularly valuable. Here, I learnt to slow down when eating and put down my cutlery between mouthfuls. When I get to the point when I think I’m full, I stop and wait for 15 minutes. Most of the time, I found that I felt satiated after this time. It also helped me recognise times when I ’emotion eat’. I also discovered that I was confusing hunger for thirst or tiredness which has made a real difference to how much I’m eating.”

With the recommended portion sizes on foods often being inconsistent, unrealistic and leaving people confused about how much they should eat, Anne found our advise on portion sizes really useful: “In many cases my portion sizes were too big, but surprisingly, my breakfast portion sizes were actually too small. I now eat a proper breakfast in the morning, and I find I snack less during the day.”

As well as dietary advice, the programme also offers physical activity guidance to help participants manage their weight and promote a healthy lifestyle. We run free weekly wellbeing group walks across the city and Anne decided to give one a try, and is very glad she did: “I take part in the women’s walk on Thursday evenings at Central Park and I find it really enjoyable. The people leading the walks are always welcoming. I am not very fit, but they adjusted the walk so that I’m never left behind. I also try to increase my steps everyday and keep a record on my phone, aiming for around 10,000 steps a day.”

The programme is run by highly skilled, friendly NHS Health Improvement Practitioners, who supported Anne through every stage of her weight loss journey: “The team running the programme were so enthusiastic and supportive. This really spurred me on when I could have easily been put off. They were all amazing.”

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