Smoke-Free During Pregnancy: Heidi’s Success Story!

by | January 12th 2024 | Success Stories

Heidi is one of 17 pregnant women who have successfully quit smoking recently with assistance from the One You Plymouth​ stop smoking service. She found the weekly support from our NHS practitioners incredibly helpful during COVID-19…

“It was someone to talk to, give guidance and keep you going, made you want to carry on another week. I also found that family and friends were great too. I wanted to quit as I am pregnant and knew about the service, as I had accessed One You before. I liked the patch and inhalators which helped keep the cravings at bay. But, I also changed my routine first thing in the morning which is when I struggled the most. I had some breakfast and then just kept myself occupied. I was all the more determined to remain smoke free after seeing my baby on the scan (ultrasound), as you can see what’s going on inside and it makes you think a lot more about the future.”

Heidi’s advice to other pregnant mums is to “just keep going, don’t give up on yourself and the baby. It’ll all be worth it in the long run.”

If you would like advice and support to quit smoking like Tristan you can contact the One You Plymouth team today and we can help you take the first steps to become smoke-free! Call our friendly team on 01752 437 177 or send us an email at [email protected].