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John Goes Smoke Free

by | February 22nd 2021 | Blog

John has recently quit smoking using the One You Plymouth Stop Smoking Service. Advisor Julie supported him throughout his quit journey and he would like to share his story to help inspire others who may be thinking about going Smoke Free.

John had been smoking since he was 15. He was smoking 25 cigarettes a day, some of which contained marijuana. He decided to stop smoking after suffering a heart attack and decided it was time to quit. The hospital provided him with our contact information and once he got home he gave us a call.

Before the heart attack he felt he was becoming increasingly breathless and would have violent coughing fits that nearly made him pass out. He blames smoking for this.

John explains: “I have successfully quit using Champix before… it is very effective. I wanted to take Champix again as this worked for me before. I found it surprisingly easier to quit than I thought it would be. I was not sat there tearing my hair out. Champix took the edge off. Also, having those weekly appointments with Julie really helped, having that support network is very important. Julie was there for me every week and saw me through to the end.” He felt like becoming a successful quitter was a “team effort”.

“Julie suggested a quit date between day 8 – 14.” He felt proud that he did not wait till day 14 to quit, he felt this would have been the easiest option. “I quit on day 11… I wanted to be in control and had the will power to quit. “

John’s advice to other smokers is: “Accept as much of the support as possible. Quit as soon as possible, take control and own it. Don’t delay and just do it. Follow all the advice and guidance given. Don’t be afraid to accept help and talking with an advisor really helps. I feel I can breathe now and I can smell now. I have asthma can now breathe incredibly well with no more coughing.”

If you would like advice and support to quit smoking like Tristan you can contact the One You Plymouth team today and we can help you take the first steps to becoming Smoke Free.