Lisa has worked with the service for now for 10 years, starting with the team as admin support, she was keen to progress to be able to help people more on a 1:1 basis.  She has now been a Practitioner for 3 years and is an integral part of the team. Having been around for a while and in different roles, she has a huge knowledge base and is highly valued by her colleagues

Recently we spent some time chatting with Lisa to find out about her role and, how she has supported local people throughout the pandemic via Operation Shield…

Lisa explains that things changed quite dramatically when the pandemic started – I thought like the rest of the Team that I would be working from home but instead, myself and 4 others were redeployed to work for Plymouth City Council at Windsor House.

The Team was called Operation Shield and each morning we were given a list of people who were identified as most vulnerable for Covid-19 and we tried to make telephone contact with them to make sure they had appropriate provisions; such as food and medication.  If we found that they didn’t have an adequate support system in place to get these, we either gave them telephone numbers to contact or make contact with services for them.

Towards the end, when all calls had been attempted, for those we could not make contact with, we went out on the road and knocked on their doors to check their welfare and again, furnish them with contact details of people that could help them should they need it.

It was challenging hearing how scared and lonely some of the people we rang were.  Hearing the despair in their voices that they couldn’t see loved ones was always hard.  Hearing that they did need help as they had no-one to help with shopping or medication collection did make you realise how lucky you are.  Knowing you made a difference just by passing on a phone number helped but knowing you could do nothing to help their loneliness was tough but Just knowing you had helped someone to be able to get provisions of food and medications when they had been so worried about it did give a good sense of satisfaction.

Now Lisa is back with One You Wellbeing Team and helping people give up smoking and lead healthier lives while from her own home. She is grateful knowing that she has a loving supportive family and also a loving supportive Team around her.

She explains “I feel that the Team have been amazing throughout all this.  We have all been there for each other during good and bad times.  That is Teamwork!”