The nationwide lockdown has been a worrying time for everyone and local restrictions are still challenging for many.

It’s hard to gauge the full impact that the outbreak is having on children and young people’s mental welling. Some of them may have been faced with family problems, coping with loss or dealing with chances to their living situation.

Going back to school is another big step. While many children might have enjoyed the extra time off school, for some it has been a challenging time with lockdown restrictions keeping them cooped up at home with no way of seeing their friends.

As lockdown restrictions ease, they might be feeling anxious about returning to education or may worry about contracting and spreading the virus. Dealing with so much uncertainty could be adding to their worries with so many potential changes on the horizon.

As time passes, these troubled feelings are likely to gradually ease for most, but in the meantime there are many steps you can take to support their emotional and mental wellbeing as well as help them cope with potential problems in the future.

If you’re concerned about a child or young person’s mental health, the NHS Every Mind Matters campaign have published some really useful tips and advice to help you support them in making the return to education as smooth as possible.

In addition, the  Mental Health Foundation have published a guide for parents which include some really practical advice to help support their return to school.


More specifically, the BBC, Young Minds and Place2Be have collectively published some practical advice and tips on the following related areas:

It can sometimes be challenging to talk to a child or young person about their worries. They may often avoid talking about their anxieties, but if you can get them to open up to you, this is a really positive step.

Remember, anxiety can be treated. Many children and young people experience high levels of anxiety but it’s possible for them to overcome this. Don’t forget that you can access support via your GP, the school or via a specialist service if it is needed.

Stress and Anxiety can lead to an increase in tobacco use. Did you know that we can offer stop smoking support to children from the age of 12 years? If you would like to book a telephone appointment with one of our specialist Stop Smoking Advisers for yourself or a young person you are concerned about please call the Wellbeing Team on 01752 437177, or email: [email protected]