With time on our hands, some people have turned to cooking for something to do during lockdown and baking has especially been very popular. Who struggled getting flour, baking powder, castor sugar and yeast during the last 3 months?

Some recipes are healthy, some not so healthy and in times of trouble we do tend to look for comfort and food can be one thing that comforts us, we may even have put on weight during the last 3 months and our exercise levels may have dropped.

Now that lockdown restrictions are changing, it’s a good time to set some new goals around healthier eating and getting more active.

If we want to lose weight, we may need to change what we are eating and cut down on our portion sizes but we still want to enjoy our food and eat a well-balanced diet which is nutritionally good for us.

I have picked out some websites that have some great recipes and show portion sizes and nutritional breakdowns, these can be helpful when trying to lose weight.






If you need some inspiration or want to share recipes, tips and ideas and also have some food-related support, both eating and growing, check out the Food Buddies SW Facebook page.   This page is for making friends and finding a food buddy to support us all.


Our emotions may make us to turn to comfort eating and loneliness could be one of these.  Details are shown below of a new project called “Cook and Care” which you can self-refer yourself to if you are feeling isolated.

We live in extraordinary times and while some are returning to a “new normal” many others still remain socially isolated at home. Our Cook and Care project can make a huge difference by providing you with someone to talk to and share food with (remotely of course). After all everyone needs a friend or two, and we all love eating food!

To find out more, please contact Tami on 07818 450968 or email [email protected] All enquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence.


Finally if you would like 1-1 support with Healthy Eating and Weight Management give our Wellbeing Hub a call on 01752 437177 and one of our friendly Health Improvement Practitioners can give you support and help motivate you to reach your goals.