Tristan has recently been able to quit smoking with the help of our One You Plymouth Stop Smoking Service. He was supported in his quit attempt by advisor Alyson and wants to share his story, helping to inspire others who may be thinking about quitting smoking too.

Tristan is 39 years old and had been smoking since he was aged 15. He decided to stop smoking as it was costing so much. He was also concerned about the impact on his health and, as he was approaching 40, he felt now was the best time to quit.

Tristan remembers walking back from the shop and when he was became increasingly breathless, which helped him make up his mind to go smokefree for good. Once home, he went straight onto the internet and researched local stop smoking services to see what they had on offer and, he was signposted straight to the One You Plymouth website.

He explains, “I made an initial appointment where we discussed all aspects of quitting smoking and all options available. I decided to use nicotine replacement therapy to help me and, from there on I followed my plan, keeping in mind at all times the reason why I’d decided to quit – I think that’s what kept me going, remembering why I’m doing it. Since Covid-19 has started myself and my family have been isolating. In some ways this has made things a little bit easier as I haven’t been going out. This means I’m not in situations where I might be tempted to smoke. This has had a positive impact on my lifestyle, as I haven’t been around other smokers.”

Tristan feels that quitting during the pandemic was the right time, as he could focus on quitting. He chose to see the positives and make a long-term lifestyle change for the better. Willpower is really important – Tristan’s parting words – “I’m a non-smoker now and I’m never going back.”

Tristan’s advisor Alyson said “I had the pleasure of supporting Tristan during his quit attempt, initially we met at the Cumberland Centre for face to face support but after COVID-19 we switched to telephone support, and organising Tristan’s NRT through the pharmacy.  Despite the challenges of a very different way of working, and some initial concerns regarding NRT, Tristan has had huge success and as he clearly states, there’s no going back now!

If you would like advice and support to quit smoking, you can contact One You Plymouth today. Call our friendly team on 01752 437 177 or send us an email at [email protected]