So, with the COVID-19 outbreak meaning a lot more working from home for me, I have found that my daily activity levels have really reduced.  My usual day would involve walking around the office building speaking to colleagues, climbing up and down stairs to collect equipment or visiting the printer, walking from the car to the clinic, meeting or course venue, as well as a regular lunchtime walk of around 20 minutes.  It’s surprising how many minutes or steps that can add up to.

The first few weeks of ‘Lockdown’ in our house involved getting out for a daily walk or scoot with the children.  Although great to get out of the house, it’s not exactly a brisk walk.  We have also done some home workouts on YouTube, such as “The Body Coach” and “Cosmic Kids Yoga”, but I thought it was time for me to get serious and regain some of the fitness I have lost over the last couple of years.  Time to practice what we preach and try out the One You Couch to 5K app!

The app is pretty easy to use once you have it downloaded to you phone from your app store, get you’re here You are asked to set the goals you would like to aim for, then you choose who you would like to be your coach, I opted for Michael Johnson, as I was a big fan of his when he was in his prime breaking world records in the 200m & 400m.  You then do 3 runs a week for 9 weeks – whilst making sure that you still follow the National Guidelines for leaving your home, starting with some walking and jogging, gradually building up week by week until you can run continuously for 30 minutes.  What I like about the app was that you can have you own music running in the background, with your coach popping up at regular intervals to give words of advice or encouragement, as well as letting you know how long you have run for.  I am especially grateful when I am told there is only 5 minutes left!!

Can’t wait for my next run!

Dean (Health Improvement Practitioner)