People living with long term health conditions are invited to refer themselves to the newly launched One You Programme, a partnership between Livewell Southwest’s Wellbeing Team and Plymouth Marjon University which will benefit adults who have recently been diagnosed with a chronic or long term condition.

The One You Programme provides a community based approach to working with people with a long term condition, helping people to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence to take positive steps towards managing their own health and wellbeing and improving their quality of life.

The programme comprises of six weekly two hour sessions for groups of up to 15 people, facilitated by a specialist lifestyle coach and supported by a Health Improvement Practitioner and Health Improvement Advisor. The focus is on lifestyle, self-care, and education and the ethos is to find activities that are enjoyable and sustainable to make healthy living part of the participant’s daily routine.

During each weekly session participants work individually and in groups with our skilled health coaches to develop personalised goals that promote a healthy lifestyle. Adopting a strength based approach, participants learn how small changes in things such as physical activity, healthy eating and sleep quality can lead to improvements in long term healthy living.

Adults aged over 18 years who have been diagnosed with a long term condition within the last six months and who are willing to consider a group based programme are invited to refer themselves onto the programme or get further information by calling 01752 437177 or by emailing [email protected].