Stoptober Roadshow and other Events

In preparation for Stoptober 2019 our Stop Smoking advisors will be out and about across the city – starting in the City Centre on the 19th September offering personalised information and support for you to take the first steps to quitting smoking and prepare to take part in Stoptober and go Smoke Free throughout October.

You will also be able to see what ongoing support we can offer you to help you remain smoke free.

Our advisors will also be attending a number of other events throughout the year offering advice, not just for stopping smoking but also around healthy lifestyles and giving you the chance to take our always popular Know Your Measurements test to find out your muscle mass, BMI, visceral fat and fat percentages.

You can visit our Events page to see all the events we’ll be attending throughout the year.


Eat Well Programme

We’ve just started our new Eat Well course but don’t worry if you missed this one you can sign up now for the next courses starting in September.

If you contact the One You Plymouth team on 01752 437177 today we can offer you one to one support before the course starts, so you don’t have to wait to start taking those first steps to becoming a healthier you

The next courses we have will be starting on the following dates:

Tuesday 24th September (for 12 weeks)
1:30pm – 15:30am: The Eldertree Centre, 3 Tresillian St, PL4 0QP

Thursday 26th September (for 12 weeks)
6pm – 7:30pm: Cumberland Centre, Damerel Close, Plymouth PL1 4JZ.

If your current BMI (Body Mass Index) is between 26 and 39.9 please contact 01752 437177 or email: [email protected] to book your place on a course.

If you are unsure of your current BMI, you can discover this by using our healthy weight calculator.


Team Update 

One You Plymouth held a Visioning Day at the new Manadon Sports & Community Hub to provide the opportunity to explore what the team have achieved in the last year, what has gone well and how the Service could be improved with ideas and input from the team on a range of areas.

We are also always happy to hear from anyone who has used the service who might have ideas on how we might be able to improve our service, so if you have any thoughts or ideas please do let us know.

The latter part of the day tapped in to some competition with paper plane design and flying and a quiz – a successful day…. Anyone following our  Facebook page @OneYouPlymouth might have seen some of the devilish questions that were set in the quiz, but for those who are not following us on Facebook (firstly why not?! – the link is at the bottom of the page, but also) here is your chance to answer some of the questions that stumped us.

1) What is added to Red Windsor Cheese to give it its colour and flavour?
2) What is the Capital city of the Bahamas?
3) In the Tarzan films, what was Jane’s last name?