The 5th October saw the final day of the Plymouth Active 10 Walking Challenge.

It has been a great success with over 30 teams signed up and between us we walked an incredible 11,427 miles! There are lots of prizes and workplace certificates to give out for the winners and individuals that took part in the 4 week challenge.

Best of all, we are all a bit fitter and hopefully a bit more likely to walk to, from and during work!


Congratulations to the winners of each category which are listed below:
Small workplace
1st Place = Colebrook (SW) Ltd (Central Team)
Medium Workplace
1st Place = Plymouth City Council Central Library
Large Workplace 
1st Place = DWP WAD Plymouth

There are two individual winners, 1 female and 1 male winner. Congratulations, between them both they walked an incredible 491 miles!

The workplace that ended up at the top of the leader-board at the end of the 4 week challenge was University of Plymouth (Library) congratulations on your great efforts throughout the month!

Due to the success of this years challenge, it will be running again next year. If you weren’t able to take part this year but would be interested in taking part next year please contact the team.