As part of the year 4 thrive agenda, we are celebrating the introduction of Connect 5, a new and exciting, evidence-based programme that has been developed in partnership with Plymouth City Council.

Connect 5 uses the framework of the Five Ways to Wellbeing and the 5 area cognitive behavioural model, and underpins the principle of ‘Making Every Contact Count’. It promotes psychological knowledge, understanding, and awareness, and the development of skills which empower people to take proactive steps to build resilience and look after themselves.

Connect 5 is relevant for anyone aged 16 years or over who works with people at any level, and aims to provide participants with the skills, competencies and confidence required to hold conversations about health and wellbeing in their routine practice. This helps delegates to become more effective in helping people to manage mental health problems and increase their resilience and mental wellbeing through positive changes.

This training consists of 3 sessions, however participants might only choose to complete only session 1 or decide to develop their skills and knowledge further by undertaking sessions 2 and then 3 which will can be spread over the year.

Session one – Develop your core understanding of mental health, mental wellbeing and how to signpost to local services and resources that enable people to help themselves.

Session two -Build your skills and confidence to work with and improve the mental health and wellbeing of others. Including, how to support greater insight into experiences of stress and distress and how to help people take first steps to make themselves feel better.

Session Three – Advance your skills to work collaboratively with clients to create an action plan and integrate brief interventions to motivate and support people to make changes that last

To view costings and book your place please click here.